Fresh Start Checking

Hey, we all make mistakes, that’s why we’ve created Fresh Start Checking. Fresh Start is, well, a fresh start, a second chance at a checking account. Perhaps you’ve had a difficult time and ran into some problems with your finances. Fresh Start offers you another chance with checking at Vantage.

Are you eligible? You’re eligible for a Fresh Start Checking account if:

  • You’re 25 years of age or older
  • You’re not eligible for Basic Checking due to past credit or account issues

Fresh Start Checking features:

  • Free MyVantage online banking
  • Free MyE-Rewards merchant rewards
  • Free Bill Pay
  • Visa check card
  • No minimum balance
  • Unlimited check clearings
  • Overdraft protection from Regular Savings (subject to Reg D limitations) and Overdraft Line-of Credit if you qualify

Because of the nature of this account, there are restrictions. But, look at it as an incentive to move into free Basic Checking, where restrictions and fees are fewer.

  • No Courtesy Pay overdraft service
  • No MyE-Deposits remote deposit service
  • No ATM deposits
  • ATM/POS and signature-based daily withdrawal limits
  • Deposits limited to Direct Deposit/ACH, cash, and account transfers only
  • Checks deposited only to a savings account and have a minimum 3-day business hold
  • Account will be closed when it maintains a negative balance of $30.00 or more for longer than 20 consecutive days
  • E-statements required

There is a Fresh Start monthly fee, but you control the amount:

  1. $12/month standard monthly service charge
  2. $11/month if you have Direct Deposit, an ACH debit OR a monthly auto transfer to savings of at least $25.00
  3. $10/month if you have Direct Deposit, an ACH debit AND a monthly auto transfer to savings of at least $25.00

All other current checking account fees apply as well, including NSF Fees.

Moving up to Basic Checking
The best part about Fresh Start checking is you’ll be eligible to request a move into Basic Checking after 12 months of active use if:

  • There are no more than 6 NSF overdrafts on your Fresh Start account for a12-month period, and …
  • NO NSF overdrafts in the 3 months prior to eligibility

Because everyone needs a second chance at some point, welcome to Fresh Start Checking! Click here for more information on checking FAQs.

Our routing number is: 281081479