A Big 'Thank You' to Educators

“This has been the most challenging year ever and I just wanted to thank you for investing your time and efforts to help the future leaders of this country. Your hard work and support made a difference in these kids’ lives. Thank you for all you do.” – Diane T.

That was one of the many personal messages that educators received from Vantage members who nominated them for recognition during Teacher Appreciation Week. A resounding “thank you” echoed across the 238 nominations that came pouring in from parents, grandparents, and guardians of students in the St. Louis area.

When we experienced the shift due to COVID-19, educators were among those hit the hardest; many having to completely change the way they taught and connected with their students. While thrown countless curveballs with lockdowns, reopenings, and guidelines, they continued to show their resilience and exceptional care for their students.

For over 60 years, Vantage Credit Union has made it a priority to not only serve the needs of educators in our community, but to also recognize them for their hard work and dedication. It was a great privilege to show appreciation to educators in our community by giving $10 e-gift cards to all those nominated. Members chose a Starbucks, Panera, or Amazon gift card for their nominated educator and included a personal message.

Here’s a sample of the many messages educators received:

  • “Putting a smile on a young child every day is one challenge, but making them appreciate learning is another. Thanks for educating our young children and making them smile when they go home to tell mom and dad what they learned today.” – Elmer R.
  • “Thank you for everything you have done… You made this crazy, different school year fun and as normal as possible for the kids. Thank you so much!” – Beth H.
  • “Thank you for all your hard work and extraordinary efforts during COVID-19 on behalf of our students and staff!” – Kevin C.
  • “I am so proud of all your hard work and dedication. The lives of the children you help educate are impacted so much by your kind heart and patience. Thank you for being you.” – Keith N.
  • “Thank you for being the wonderful teacher you are! The level of care you show each of your students is amazing, and the time, effort, and dedication to your profession is admirable. I just want you to know how much you are appreciated in all that you do! You’re AMAZING!” – Christina P.

Thank you, educators!