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Capitalize on your home’s equity to help you achieve more

For homeowners, years of soaring housing prices have likely made a positive impact on their home’s equity. However, according to Yahoo Finance, only 17 percent of the public thinks it’s currently a good time to buy. If you aren’t using your untapped equity toward the purchase of a new home, what else could you do with it?

Homeowners are increasingly taking advantage of the levels of tappable home equity. Home equity lines-of-credit and home equity loans have grown at unprecedented levels, according to TransUnion.

As the price of everyday life continues to increase, your home’s equity could be a source for much needed financial support. While a HELOC is often thought of as a financing tool for home improvements or renovations, the options go far beyond that.

From paying down higher interest rate debt to college costs, big-ticket items, unexpected expenses or even simply to improve your financial picture, a HELOC provides a flexible financial solution. With an open-ended, revolving credit line based on the equity you have in your home, you could spend as you go over a period of time. Plus, you could make interest-only payments during the draw period, leaving room for all of life’s surprises.

What could you achieve using your home’s equity?

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Vantage Credit Union Home Equity Loans and Home Equity Lines-of-Credit are valid on Missouri and Illinois property only.