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You may think to yourself, is refinancing an existing vehicle loan worth the effort? I have a decent interest rate. Should I really shop around with different lenders? With Vantage Credit Union, the answer is yes! With a refinanced loan from Vantage, you could benefit from a lowered interest rate AND cash back.

Lower rates
At Vantage, we offer competitive rates and personal service. If you compare our rates to banks, you’ll quickly realize the credit union difference. When you refinance a non-Vantage vehicle, boat or RV loan with Vantage, you may find that we could get you a lower rate than you have elsewhere and a lower monthly payment. We’ll even pay your title fee!

Our What’s My Payment? calculator can help you estimate and compare payments and other things you’ll want to consider to make an educated choice regarding your loans.

Cash back
How does $100 or more cash back sound? Vantage offers a refinance rebate. Refinance a non-Vantage vehicle, boat or RV loan of $10,000-$20,000 and get $100 cash back. When you refinance anything over $20,000, you’ll get even more cash back.

Refinance your vehicle loan with Vantage today!

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