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When you open up your wallet and look inside, what do you see? For many, one thing you won’t find is cash. And for most purchases you don’t even need cash. Even many vending machines and parking meters accept credit cards.

The benefits of making your purchases with a credit card go beyond a lighter wallet. When you make purchases with a credit card, you’re building your credit history, enjoying consumer protection on purchases, tracking expenses and, for certain cards, enjoying rewards.

Which card is right for you?
At Vantage Credit Union, we offer a credit card for every need. Whether it’s our Vantage Platinum Mastercard, Platinum Rewards Mastercard or World Mastercard, cardholders experience no annual fees plus price protection on purchases, extended warranty, identify theft resolution services and much more. And, with no balance transfer fees, a Vantage Mastercard is the perfect card to use to consolidate any higher interest debt.

Which card is right for you? Check out our side-by-side comparison.

Get rewarded!
Vantage Platinum Rewards Mastercard and World Mastercard cardholders are automatically enrolled in the CURewards program. CURewards gives you up to 1.50 reward points for every $1 you spend on purchases. Reward points are redeemable for travel, merchandise and even cash back!

Plus, watch for extra opportunities to earn reward points. Double and triple points offers are coming soon for Platinum Rewards and World Mastercard cardholders!

And even surprised!
You never know when you’ll be surprised just for using your Vantage Mastercard credit card. When you pay for everyday purchases, you’ll be automatically entered to win a Priceless Surprise. Mastercard has already surprised tens of thousands of cardholders with everything from Mastercard Prepaid cards to Priceless Experiences! Visit Mastercard Priceless Surprises to learn more.

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Have higher interest rate credit card debt? Consider a no fee balance transfer.

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