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It’s Now Easier than Ever to Schedule Your Appointment

We understand that some things, especially personal financial matters, are better served in person. Our trusted and qualified representatives are here to support your financial goals, whether you want to help your kids start their savings journey, need to refinance your car, seek guidance with your budget, or wish to buy a house. Life is busy and finding the time to make a trip to the credit union could be a struggle. Rather than chance dropping in and finding all representatives working with other members, we’ve enhanced our scheduling system so you can choose a time that works for you! No more waiting for an extended period or trying to find another time to come back!

Why Schedule an Appointment?

  • Choose your meeting time—don’t get caught waiting for assistance when you’re on a tight schedule.
  • Schedule through our website—select your branch, choose what you need to meet about, pick your time—you’ll receive a confirmation and reminder by email.
  • Staff will reach out to let you know what documentation to bring with you, eliminating the chance of having to make an additional trip.
  • It’s safe and secure—to comply with COVID-19 regulations, our branches operate at a reduced capacity. With an appointment, we can help protect everyone’s health and safety.

As always, our tellers are ready to assist for account transactions at all branch locations, and ATMs can be used for account deposits, withdraws, and transfers. However, if your circumstance requires speaking with a Financial Coach in-person, please use our new and improved scheduling tool to make an appointment.

Schedule Your Appointment Now!

Schedule My Appointment

Not sure if you need to schedule an appointment? Many account services, such as adding a joint owner, updating beneficiaries, name changes, and more, can be completed online! Review the electronic services that can be requested.