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Ready for Summer? 3 Tips to Keep Your Vehicle Rolling!

With the snow’s gentle melting and the blooming flowers of spring, we’re edging slowly toward that summer vacation or road trip. You might not be able to make it summer sooner, but there are some things you could do to help get your vehicle ready for that perfect summer vacation.

Here are our top three tips to keep you rolling into the summer!

Post-winter maintenance: You survived winter! Make sure your vehicle did too.

The winter cold might not only crack your skin—it could have negative effects on your vehicle. St. Louis winter fluctuations could wreak havoc on your tire pressure, the cold tends to drain a battery, and that wintery mix causes damage to windshield wipers. The icy roads could also mean that your vehicle has picked up a few more dings, dents, and scratches along the way.

With all of these little risk factors, spring is the perfect time to have your vehicle serviced. Check your alignment, tires, air filters, battery, belts, wipers, etc. A full-service check-up could save you a major headache later down the line.

Spring cleaning isn’t just for your house! Seriously, it’ll help your vehicle last.

While you’re prepping to dive into the deep cleaning of your house, don’t forget to clean your vehicle too! Winter comes with quite a bit of a wear-and-tear, but some of the damage can be curtailed with just a little bit of cleaning when the frost and snow is behind you.

The exterior of your vehicle might have survived the abuse of the sleet and cold, but don’t forget that the salt and sand of the road can also have an effect. Taking time to thoroughly clean the exterior of your vehicle avoids the damage caused by salt and other road-wintering. Cleaning might literally add years to the health of your vehicle. The same is true for the effects that the wintering has on your interior, including seats, carpet, leather, etc.

Looking for some summer savings? Double check your insurance and financing!

While you’re spending all that time getting your vehicles summer-ready, it’s a good idea to check on your wallet too!

Insurance rates shift with a variety of market forces and trends, which means that simply going auto-pilot on your policy may squeeze your budget unnecessarily. Instead, every year or so, it’s important to talk with your insurance agent to double check your policies and coverage—there could be extra savings to help free your wallet for more summer fun! Why not talk to one of the trusted representatives at Credit Union Insurance Agency (CUIA) * to see if you might be eligible for insurance savings?

And the same is true about your vehicle financing! With competitive rates, personal service, and $100 or more cash back on qualified vehicle refinancing—Vantage might be able to help you save a little stress on your wallet.

Vantage is your financial partner, and we’re here to help you achieve your financial goals—whether that means helping you keep your vehicle rolling a few more years, or perhaps securing the financing for your next one. As you prepare for that summer road trip, we’re here to help you to prepare both your vehicle AND your wallet!

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