Vantage Point

What's Your Audacious Idea to Impact Education?

It took me a moment to realize what they were carrying—delicately balanced between four boys, a nearly-eight-foot-tall, wooden catapult. Despite the laughing exchanged between the boys, it was clear that they carried their handiwork through the hall with a sense of pride and care.

Before I could panic or ask questions, their teacher quickly appeared with the rest of the class following. The physics lesson had taken several weeks, paired with the construction of a life-sized model. The project was the bold, audacious, and outrageous dream of a teacher—the sort so often out of reach due to funding limitations. That year, he found a local store who agreed to donate the lumber, hardware, paint, and tools needed to make that dream a reality.

Standing in the hall watching the parade of high schoolers and their projects, it wasn’t the giant catapult that surprised me—it was the joy radiating from the students.

A few students discussed whether they thought their catapult would work. A few took bets on how high they would launch their team’s projectile. And, a couple of students even argued about the aerodynamics justifying their entry into the class competition for furthest flight.

These students were ecstatic about learning, they were engaged, and they were filled with wonder which reached far beyond the classroom.

That’s the impact of teachers when we let them dream big—they inspire their students to imagine, and in so doing, they change the classroom and the world.

Vantage Credit Union wants to help impact education by empowering teachers and other school employees to be a little bolder. We know that you have dreams bigger than your classroom can contain; it’s likely why you became educators in the first place. We want to celebrate that passion and help you translate that passion into reality.

Our annual Impact Education contest provides educational employees the opportunity to win up to $2,000 to positively influence their school—to realize that audacious dream. Whether it’s new technology, the dream field trip, the inspired learning project (or catapult supplies), or even the professional development that’s been out of reach, Vantage wants to help you kindle that love of learning which engages students and enhances communities.

Our contest honors both our roots in education and our community focus by inviting your friends, family, students, and communities to help us select our contest winners. And since we recognize how busy educators can be, we’ve made entry into our contest as simple as enter, vote, & win. Here is the basic outline of our Impact Education * contest:

Enter (September 15-October 15)

Compose & Submit a short video (60 seconds max) explaining how you would positively impact education with the winnings.

Vote (October 16-October 23)

Invite your friends, family students, and community to vote for their favorite project.

Win (October 30)

After the votes are counted, Vantage will announce the winners. You could win $500, $1,000, or even our grand prize of $2,000 to make your dream impact.

If your imagination ran wild sweeping you away into those wish-list dreams, projects, or professional development, where would those audacious ideas take you?

Ready to let Vantage catapult your ream into a reality?

Enter the Impact Education Contest Today!

*Please refer to the Contest Rules for complete details.