Work Continues as PTMs Shake Up the Bridgeton Branch

We’ve taken our first step toward a company-wide initiative to enhance our branch member experience with the launch of personal teller machines (PTMs) at the Bridgeton branch! We hope this enhancement of our teller operations will help our Bridgeton members conduct their transactions more efficiently—either with a live teller agent or on their own. We’re also planning other numerous improvements.

We currently have two PTMs installed and in operation at the Bridgeton branch drive-up lanes, and our lobby remodel is already underway. The lobby remodel will include three more PTMs inside the branch, and we’re aiming to have that work completed in January.

“With this transformation, we aim to more easily and efficiently assist members across the community, while also ensuring consistency in service,” said Kathy Palmer, our Chief Member Experience Officer. “Bridgeton members will no longer need to complete a form before coming to the teller line. They will now be able to choose whether to conduct their transactions in real time directly with our team of seasoned personal teller agents, or choose self-service for even faster transactions, all through PTMs at their branch.”

Associates are currently on-site at the Bridgeton location to assist members in becoming acquainted with the machines and performing their first transactions. If you have some deposits to make or other account-related business, stop by and say hello! We can help you learn how to use the new PTMs. You’ll be a pro in no-time!

We’ve had such a great response from all the members that have used the PTMs and we’re excited to continue rolling them out to more branches in the future!