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Would You Like Vantage to Pay for Your Holiday Spending?

As you approach the holidays, you’re likely approaching a variety of demands on your wallet, such as gifts, holiday parties, travel, etc… Whether purchasing things in-store or online, you’re likely making more use of your credit card. If you’re going to do the holiday spending anyway—why not let this season’s spending pay you with a little more than just holiday cheer?

You Could Win up to $2,500 for Using Your Vantage Credit Card
While you’re making your holiday purchases, be sure to use your Vantage Mastercard ® credit card and you could get your holiday spending paid for! * For every cumulative $1,000 in purchases or balance transfers to your card from November 15, 2019 – January 31, 2020, you’ll be entered into a random drawing for a chance to win up to $2,500. There will be five winners in all. It’s our way of rewarding our members for using their Vantage credit card this season.

Go Global. Stay Local.
Vantage offers a credit card for every need: World, Platinum Rewards, Platinum, and a Secured option. The cards provide global access with the power, flexibility, and reliability our members deserve—with no balance transfer fees, no annual fee, and the opportunity to earn cash rewards. And, when you own a Vantage credit card, you’re keeping your money local versus a big bank card.

Use your Vantage credit card for all your upcoming spending and take advantage of all the rewards and benefits it offers. And, you just might win up to $2,500!

Don’t have a Vantage Mastercard credit card? Apply today and you too could win up to $2,500!

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* NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Restrictions apply. See Official Rules.