I Want To: Electronic Service Requests

Life gets busier all the time. That’s why Vantage Credit Union has provided more convenience by allowing you the ability to submit standard requests, and better still, have your requests fulfilled, without having to visit a branch in most cases (unless you still prefer to see our smiling faces!).

So, if you want to open or modify an account, stop an electronic debit, anything that would typically require you to come into the branch for a signature, now we can take care of many of those requests when you submit them electronically, and complete the request by using electronic signature.

Here’s a quick overview of electronic services you can now request via the Vantage Credit Union eBranch and complete using our e-signature process:

Enroll to Use the eBranch

The ability to unleash the power of our eBranch is only a few clicks away. You’ll just need your account number, email address, last four digits of your SSN, and some additional information such as ATM or debit card number, current savings balance, or year you opened your account to validate your request.

Open/Add/Modify an Account

We have separate two separate forms…one for brand new account requests and one for existing members to request additional services on their existing accounts, or a whole new account. Additional information on what happens once you submit your requested is also listed on these request-form pages.

Request a Debit or ATM Card

Submit the type of card you’re requesting, the reason for your request, and if you’d like a card for your account joint owners.

Set Up Express Transfer

Have a Vantage loan you’d like to pay for from an account at another institution? Set it up by submitting our Express Transfer request form. This will authorize Vantage to withdraw funds electronically from another institution to pay your loan or distribute the funds to another Vantage account.

Set Up Credit Card Automatic Payment

You have the ability to set up an automatic payment to your Vantage credit card from a Vantage deposit account (checking or savings) or from a deposit account at another institution. You can choose to automatically make your minimum payment, a specified amount, or pay off your entire balance each month.

Request a Balance Transfer

Tired of paying higher interest rates on your other credit cards? Log onto your account and click to access the credit card portal to transfer your balances to your Platinum Mastercard, Platinum Rewards Mastercard or World Mastercard. Just list your other institution and card account information and the amount(s) you’d like to transfer. You also have the ability to request a balance increase on your Vantage credit card.

Stop My Electronic Debit

Setting up electronic payments makes paying your bills a lot easier, but sometimes you need to stop an automatic electronic payment, like a gym membership you no longer use. After cancelling the service and requesting for the company to stop making electronic debits on your Vantage account, you can also request for us to stop the debits from hitting your account. Choose a one-time, temporary or permanent stop-payment request. Please note that there’s a fee for this service, and you must provide written confirmation from the company that the authorization to electronically debit your account has been revoked.

Dispute an Electronic Debit

Using the gym membership example mentioned above, complete and submit this transaction dispute request when the gym ignored your request to cancel your membership and electronically debited your account for payment anyway without your permission.

Report a Lost/Stolen Card

When you’ve lost your credit or debit card, or it’s been stolen, the first thing you need to do is contact us immediately so we can block access to your account. But if you discover fraudulent transactions already happened on your account, you have the ability to dispute those transactions by providing transaction details and other information surrounding the fraud.

Dispute a Card Transaction

Did you make a debit or credit card purchase and never received the merchandise? Were you charged in error for something you didn’t authorize (like accidentally being charged twice)? You can dispute those card transactions by submitting details related to the situation(s). We recommend making every effort to resolve the dispute and clear up the charge directly with the merchant first.

And don’t forget, Vantage can also help you get Direct Deposit/Payroll Deduction set up

Direct Deposit is an electronic service that processes your payroll funds to be automatically credited your account based on information provided by your employer. While Payroll Deduction is similar, this option allows your employer to send your full (net) payroll amount, or any portion of your net payroll, to the credit union. With Payroll Deduction you can also choose to deposit various dollar amounts of your payroll into different account types (for example, a portion to savings, checking, loans, etc.).

Contact us to get the forms you need to get either Direct Deposit or Payroll Deduction set up with your employer.

Access these and many more requests or actions in our I Want To… section.

Requests meant for members only will require you to log in before you can submit you request.