The widget library is a way to personalize your banking preferences with quick access to the functions you use most. Drag widgets into place and reorder them according to your access preferences. Or, close the widgets you prefer not to use.

Once you set your widgets, they’ll remain in the order you placed them when you log out. If you have multiple accounts, you also have the ability to choose which widgets to use for which accounts. You can also choose to minimize the information in any of your selected widgets by clicking the minus sign.

Recent Transactions

Set to view the last 5 transactions on the account you prefer. Click on each transaction to add tags for easy spending and budget management.

Bill Pay

Schedule a payment to an established payee, view pending payments, and review previous payments, including withdrawal amounts and payment withdrawal and arrival dates. Click through the widget to access the complete Bill Pay site and add payees, view more detail, and more. Here’s a demo of Bill Pay functionality.


When you open this widget, simply choose the account you want to deposit to and then click through widget to open the full service to upload check images. Just follow the prompts. You may find it easier to deposit checks when you access MyE-Deposit via our iPhone or Android app. For more information, see our MyE-Deposit FAQs.

Manual Upcoming Transactions

Remember recording things in your old check register and checking them off when they cleared? This is similar. Here you can manually add amounts for checks you’ve written and other upcoming anticipated expenses to more accurately reflect your true financial position taking those items into account. You can then delete them when the items have cleared.

Track Spending

This widget automatically displays a rolling tally of all your categorized transactions on a per-month basis and allows you to set spending thresholds monthly on categories you’d specifically like to track for a quick visual of your financial position.

Pay My Loan

Conveniently pay your Vantage loans using an account with a different financial institution or credit card! * Schedule payments that work for you with options for immediate payment, future dated payments and recurring payments. You can even set up payment alert notices. For more information, see our Pay My Loan FAQs


This is where you can do all your transferring, whether within or across your accounts, or to a totally unrelated account. It’s quick, easy and efficient. And best of all, it gets your money to where it needs to be.


We like to keep our members up-to-date about important issues concerning the credit union. Disclosures, notices, and a change in terms are just some of the membership-wide announcements you may find here for you to review and/or act upon. Also, you don’t have to keep this widget open to be aware of announcements ready for your review. As a quick reference, a number will appear on the widget to indicate how many items are waiting for you.


Have a secure question or comment for us concerning your account? Send a secure message through your Mailbox. Our support staff will be happy to answer any questions or concerns in a timely fashion. And as with the Announcements widget, the number of unread messages appears on widget even if it’s closed so you know when there are messages waiting for you.

It’s your banking dashboard, set it up the way you prefer!

* When paying by credit card, you may incur a processing fee.