Do you find your funds running low from time-to-time throughout the year? Our Skip-a-Payment program, allowing you to skip your Vantage loan payment, could provide some relief!

No loan payment means more cash for other expenses. And being able to pick the months you’d like to skip your loan payment means you can choose whenever it’s most beneficial for you and your budget.

So, how do you take advantage of this option?

In order to skip your Vantage loan payment, you must have a qualifying * loan type that’s been established for at least 180 days, have a balance of $600 or more and be current on your payments. There is a non-refundable $25 processing fee per payment skipped that must be paid when the authorization form is completed.

Take advantage of Skip-a-Payment today! **

Visit any branch location with all borrowers on the loan to complete and sign the authorization. Or, request to skip your loan payment electronically below.

Want to learn more? Review our Skip-a-Payment FAQs

Skip My Loan Payment


* First and second mortgage loans, home improvement loans, overdraft lines-of-credit, and credit cards do not qualify for the Skip-a-Payment program.

** Each loan and the corresponding monthly payment may be skipped once within a 12-month period. All borrowers on the loan must sign the authorization to skip the loan payment.