Savings accounts…they’re the cornerstone of any solid budget. Many start saving as kids, saving up birthday money for an extra-special present. But then we grow up and realize that having savings is pretty important. And of course, Vantage Credit Union has options to help you meet your savings goals.

From our Regular Savings to a Premier Money Market or IRA, we’ve got you covered! Check out our options.

Account and Features Regular Savings Special Savings Holiday Club Premier Money Market
Best For Savings you can readily access anytime Funds you want to save longer-term and/or separately from Regular Savings for things like bigger purchases or vacation Funds specifically earmarked for holiday spending Higher-yielding savings based on account-balance thresholds
How to Access
  • ATM
  • eBranch account transfers *
  • Branch transfers & withdrawals
  • eBranch account transfers *
  • Branch transfers & withdrawals
Entire balance is disbursed automatically to your checking or Regular Savings by automated transfer in mid-October (fee associated per early withdrawal)
  • eBranch account transfers *
  • Branch transfers & withdrawals
  • Checks
Minimum Balance Requirement X X X
Interest Compounded/Credited Monthly Monthly Quarterly Monthly

A Regular Savings automatically comes with your membership, but here you can get started with additional savings to meet your goals!

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* Subject to Reg D limitations.

All your deposits at Vantage Credit Union are federally insured up to $250,000 by the National Credit Union Administration.