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Vantage Credit Union is a Top-rated Employee Benefit
You’ve heard it said: when you have your health, you have it all. But, did you also know that financial health plays a vital role in how people perform on the job? Offering Vantage Credit Union membership to your employees shows interest in and respect for their financial well-being. And, encouraging them to be smart with their money not only helps them maintain financial stability, it can ultimately help the stability of your business.

This employee benefit is free to offer, and easy to implement—we do all the work for you! We’ll supply the materials you need and can even present free financial education seminars to your employees on a variety of topics:

  • Build a Basic Budget: The Five-Step Spending Plan
  • Checking 101: Learning the Basics
  • Credit Guard: How to Repair Your Credit
  • Homebuyer Education: Everything You Need to Know
  • Identity Theft: Who’s Got Your Number?
  • Investment Basics: Identifying Goals and How to Reach Them
  • Money Matters: Starting Kids Off on the Right Track
  • Take Charge: Wise Use of Credit Cards

Employees, in turn, will have access to Vantage Credit Union’s competitive rates, free or low-cost services, and our many member benefits. They’ll share in our financial expertise, and learn to avoid common financial pitfalls.

Find out more about what Vantage Credit Union can do for you and your employees!

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