Secret Savers Club for Kids

Hey parents! Did you know your kids can save money and have fun at the same time? Kids ages 0 to 10 can learn about the importance of saving money by joining Vantage Credit Union’s Secret Savers Club. Simply open a Regular Savings account for your young children and they’ll be automatically enrolled!

Secret Savers Club members get cool stuff, like:

  • Secret Savers Spy Kit
  • Invitations to special club events
  • Private Eye Passbook
  • Free goodies when you make a deposit (via full coin-saver passbook)
  • Chances to win great prizes during semi-annual savings challenges

Meet Agent Redfox

Agent Redfox is the Secret Savers Club mascot. You might spy him at the credit union, Secret Savers events, or even at your school! Here are some free downloadable coloring pages featuring Agent Redfox and other money themes:

Share the Secret and get $10!

Share the Secret Savers Club with a friend and you can get $10! Just fill out a referral form and give it to your friend. When he or she opens an account, you’ll both get $10 added directly to your account! (Be sure your friend is eligible for membership first.)

Open My Secret Savers Account

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