Credit Card Alert FAQs

Are alerts free to use?

Yes. If you choose to receive email alerts, there is no cost to you. If you choose to receive text alerts, standard text message and data rates assessed by your mobile carrier may apply. Please check with your mobile carrier to ensure that you have a data plan that includes text messages.

What if I don’t have text messaging on my mobile phone?

Text messaging capabilities on your mobile phone is required to receive text alerts. If you don’t currently pay for text messages through your mobile provider, you may consider using an email address for alerts.

How do I register for alerts?

To set up alerts for your Vantage Mastercard ®, log into the eBranch. Click on Profile & Security, choose Notification Settings and select Card Alerts.

How long should it take to receive an alert?

Typically, responses arrive within one minute, but timing may vary. You could experience delays or failures in delivery of an alert because of any of the following: (1) merchant delay in processing a transaction; (2) delays and/or failures attributable to network operators and telecommunications providers; (3) if your mobile device is off or out of operating range of a carrier with an appropriate signal for text and/or data services; (4) a variety of other wireless service and coverage conditions; (5) active or passive filtering of email messages; and (6) insufficient space in the email account that your alerts are sent to.

If I pay using a mobile payment service (i.e. Apple Pay or Google Pay) will I receive an alert?

When you use your card with a digital wallet, such as Apple Pay or Google Pay, it will not trigger an online purchase alert, since digital wallets hold your card. However, if you make a purchase exceeding your threshold for transaction amount or use your digital wallet while outside the U.S., * it will trigger those alerts

*Text message alerts are only available via U.S. carriers and will only be receivable in the U.S. When using your digital wallet outside the U.S., you’ll need to specify an email address to receive alerts.

I enrolled in the service online and never received a text message to complete my registration?

Your mobile phone may be blocked from receiving third-party text messages. Check with your carrier and ask them to remove the block from your phone.

If I’m traveling outside of the U.S., can I receive text message alerts?

No. Messages can only be sent via U.S. carriers and will only be receivable in the U.S. If you live or travel outside the U.S., you’ll need to specify an email address to receive alerts.

Can I add multiple phone numbers?

No. Unfortunately only one mobile number or email address, currently listed in your contact preferences, can be designated to receive alerts per card.

What should I do if my card is lost or stolen?

Contact us immediately at 314.298.0055 or 800.522.6009, during business hours, if you believe the card has been lost or stolen. Once you receive your new card you’ll need to add alerts for your new card number by logging in to the eBranch.

Why do I receive multiple messages with Pg 1/2, Pg 2/2?

Text messages are unique in that they can only hold 160 characters. Some alerts require multiple messages to share all of the necessary information.

Is this service safe and secure?

Yes. Our first priority is to protect your personal information. If you ever receive a text message asking for your member number, account numbers or other personal information, please do not respond.

If my mobile phone number or email address changes, what do I need to do?

In order to receive alerts to your new number, you will need to update your Contact Preferences within the Notification Settings in the eBranch. Once updated, you can then select the new contact for any alerts you have established.

How do I stop the alerts if I no longer wish to receive them?

Please log in to the eBranch, open Notification Settings under Profile & Security and choose Card Alerts. Click on Manage next to the alert you wish to cancel and select Delete. This will completely remove the alert from our system and stop any future notifications.

Please Note: If you unsubscribe by texting STOP to 74288 (credit alerts), the change will not be reflected within the eBranch.

Can I register for different alerts on my mobile numbers versus my email address?

No. All alerts on your account can only be sent to a mobile number or email address; you cannot designate different delivery methods for each alert. You can update your delivery preference at any time by logging in to the eBranch.

Why don’t I see my debit card on the list?

At this time, only Vantage Mastercard credit cards have the option of establishing alerts. We hope to add debit card alerts in the future.

See “Terms and Conditions”: for further information.