MyMobile App FAQs

Can I download the MyMobile App on my iPad?

Yes. While we don’t have an official iPad app, you can download the iPhone version and it will work without any loss in functionality.

  1. Go to the Apple App Store.
  2. On the search screen, change the search scope to “iPhone Only” and then search for Vantage Credit Union.
  3. Download the app and login to your accounts.

How do I log into my Vantage account using MyMobile?

After downloading the app from the App Store or Google Play, simply use the same credentials you use when accessing your Vantage Credit Union account via the eBranch. To complete a login on each unregistered mobile device, you’ll need to retrieve a one-time use password from your email and enter it in the mobile app.

Can I access my account from different mobile devices?

Yes. You can log in from any smartphone/mobile device. If the device isn’t registered, you’ll need a new one-time use password.

What’s a one-time password?

A one-time password is required any time an unregistered or new/different mobile device is used for a given username. The one-time password is emailed to the email address you have listed within your account’s Profile & Security preferences, which you can access via the eBranch. Please note: this is a one-time use password and will expire in 20 minutes. If you haven’t retrieved the one-time use password and completed the log-on process in that time, you’ll need to begin the log-on process again and generate a new one-time use password.

Do I need a new one-time use password each time I log in?

No. At log-out you’ll be given the option to “Log out” or “Log out and forget device.” To eliminate future one-time use passwords, simply log out. This “registers” your device with your user credentials for future use. To require a one-time use password on this device, select “Log out and forget device.” You’ll always be required to provide a valid user name, password and answer to your challenge questions.

Why haven’t I received my one-time use password via email?

This email may have been diverted to your SPAM folder. Please check there.

Can I place a stop payment on a check?

Yes, you can place a stop payment on one or multiple check numbers.

What happens if I forget my username or password?

Choose “Forgot login info?” on the login screen. This will direct you to the “Reset Your Username or Password” webpage on your phone’s browser.

How do I change my suffix nickname?

Select “Settings” from within the menu and then “Account Settings”. From this screen you will be able to change the nickname for your account and sub-shares.

Is Payee creation/modification available with this app?

From the Bill Pay option in the menu, select the plus button in the top right corner. Once you have chosen “Launch Bill Pay” you will be taken to the webpage within your phone’s browser where you can create/modify your payees.

Please note: Our MyMobile app is meant to streamline your banking. Any modifications needed to your account, such as an address change, Bill Pay updates or changing security answers need to be completed from your account within the eBranch.

TIP: If you use MyE-Deposit, be sure to check out the “Tips & Tricks” section in-app before starting!