tweetMyMoney FAQs

How is mobile banking using Twitter secure?

As always, your account security is our utmost priority. When you use tweetMyMoney to access your account information, keep in mind that the information provided DOES NOT include account numbers, passwords, PINs or any other secure information. Also, tweetMyMoney uses the application’s direct message feature so no one else sees the account information you request.

What do I do to start using tweetMyMoney?

Log onto your account dashboard, expand the Profile & Security menu, and click on tweetMyMoney. (Or if you’re already logged in, you can go directly enroll your account.) There you’ll simply enter your Twitter handle and follow the steps to complete your registration. Please note that you can only register one Twitter account per Vantage account.

Can all phones use tweetMyMoney?

As long as your phone has texting capabilities, you can use tweetMyMoney on the go.

Do I have to download a special application to my phone?

No. If you have texting capabilities to post tweets using your phone, you can use this service.

What’s the list of tweetMyMoney commands?

Access the list of command descriptions for future reference.

What are suffix numbers?

Within each Vantage account number there are “sub accounts” we call suffixes. These suffixes represent all your deposit and loan relationships. With tweetMyMoney, you can access information or make transfers on these suffixes:

0 Regular Savings
6 Holiday Club Savings
7 Special Savings
8 Money Market
9 Checking

I’m getting what seems like an error message about my request. What does it mean?

There are several messages you may receive, depending on what the issue is. Below is a list of possible messages and their meanings/resolutions. Also, for newer Twitter users, the command “d myvcu” is another way to send a Direct Message directly from your tweet box or text message.

  1. You’ll need to ’Follow us’ first before you can receive account information from myvcu. Thanks!
    Fairly self-explanatory. Part of your Vantage account access via Twitter requires that you follow myvcu as part of the verification process. Otherwise, the service won’t recognize you as a MyVantage user.
  2. Your Twitter screen name is not related to any Vantage account.
    You’ll need to log into the eBranch and click on Profile & Security on the account(s) you wish to sign up for mobile access via Twitter.
  3. Please provide a hashtag for your request.
    This error could be returned for a few reasons. One reason could be that the # symbol is missing from the beginning of the command (ex. Correct syntax would be: #bal, not bal). Another reason may be that you’re missing a space in your command. For example, if you want to see the last 5 transactions from your checking account, there needs to be a space between the command and the account suffix: #l5t 9
  4. Command incorrect. Balance example: “d myvcu #bal 9”. Replace 9 with the suffix balance you want to return.
  5. Command incorrect. Last 5 Deposits example: “d myvcu #l5d”. Last 5 deposits across all share suffixes.
  6. Command incorrect. Last 5 Withdrawals example: “d myvcu #l5w”. Last 5 withdrawals across all share suffixes.
    All of these messages return when your command was entered incorrectly. The message provides an example of the correct command and what it will return.
  7. There are currently no active POS holds on this account. Thanks!
    You have no point-of-sale transactions holding on your account.
  8. No checks have cleared under this account.
  9. No transactions available.
  10. No deposits available.
  11. No withdrawals available.
    These messages are also self-explanatory: no checks have cleared the account; there have been no transactions on the account(s); and there are no deposits or withdrawals to report.
  12. You supplied an invalid suffix. Try 0 Regular Savings, 6 Holiday Savings, 7 Special Savings, 8 Money Market, 9 Checking.
    Try entering the command again with one of the suffixes provided.
  13. You no longer have access to the account tied to this Twitter profile. Please contact the credit union for more information.
    This returns when your individual or joint account has been closed.
  14. We encountered an error when trying to process your request. Please try again at a later time. Thanks!
    This message returns when we’re experiencing a system issue or conducting maintenance on the system.