Deferred Compensation Plan FAQs

Q: What’s Vantage Credit Union’s Deferred Compensation Plan?

A: Our Deferred Compensation Plan (DCP) is a pre-tax payroll deduction plan designed to help school district employees save for retirement. Our plan works in your favor because it helps you build cash for retirement, while reducing your taxable income. And, our tax-deferred DCP is federally insured up to $250,000 per account.

Q: Isn’t a DCP the same as an annuity?

A: No. Although our plan has similar characteristics of an annuity, it’s quite different than an annuity. Annuities are not insured and are sold by brokers and insurance agents. Vantage Credit Union’s DCP is federally insured up to $250,000 per account with someone you can trust—your credit union. Annuities often have surrender or management fees associated with them. Our DCP has no management fees. Annuities often have either (or both) front- or back-loading fees. Our DCP has neither front- or back-loading fees.

Q: Do I have investment choices for my DCP?

A: You can choose between two DCP options. Option 1 has an annual fixed rate that’s locked in from January 1 to December 31. The rate can change annually. Option 2 pays a rate that can change monthly. View current DCP rates.

Q: How much money can I save each year?

A: Contribution limits change annually as IRS rules are modified. Call us directly at 314.264.5350 to verify the contribution limit. All contributions are automatically deducted from your pay and deposited to your DCP account before taxes.

Q: Does the Vantage DCP offer a catch-up provision?

A: Yes! Our plan offers two catch up provisions. First, if you’re age 50 or older, you can add an additional $5,000 to your regular annual contribution limit. Second, if you’re in the last three years prior to your normal retirement, you can double the annual contribution limit. Please contact us for more details.

Q: How are DCP funds paid out?

A: Distributions are available upon severance from service. You can also elect to defer payout until you reach age 70½ . You may receive a full or lump-sum payment or annual payments, as long as the payments don’t exceed your life expectancy.

Q: How do I sign up for Vantage Credit Union’s DCP?

A: If you’re employed by one of the participating school districts, you can sign up for the plan today! Just ask your employer whether they participate. They should have the necessary paperwork available to enroll in our DCP. Or, you can request to sign up here.

DCP Enrollment Request


314.264.5350/direct call
800.522.6009/request to speak to a Vantage Investment Services Group representative

For rates, applicable fees, terms and conditions, please contact a Vantage Investment Services Group representative for a full disclosure.