Become a Volunteer

Credit unions are fundamentally different than banks—instead of “customers” we have “member-owners.” That means that the members of the credit union have an active say in the way in which the credit union operates, which is certainly true at Vantage. Some of our members commit to serve on our volunteer Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee, providing effective governance and guidance to Vantage Credit Union.

Each year, we look for qualified volunteers for any key open positions. The Nominating Committee then presents a voting slate of nominees at the Annual Meeting.

If you’re interested in becoming a volunteer on our Board or Supervisory Committee, please complete the application by December 31. *

Thank you for your interest in serving!

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* Applications are accepted in the fourth quarter of each year for review. The form will only be available during this period of time.
In the event you are unable to submit your application electronically, a paper application may be requested.