Get a Credit Card

You may not believe this statistic, but 29% of Americans don’t have a credit card according to a poll by Of course, the other side of that is that 60% of Americans DO own at least one credit card (we’re not sure what happened to the remaining 11%…).

So why is having a credit card important?

For one thing, it helps build your credit history, which is what lenders and other entities use to provide you the loans and services you request.

But then there’s the sheer need to have one for things like making travel reservations. In most instances, you can’t even book a room or rent a car without one. It’s simply their insurance against customers running out on their bills or doing damage to their rooms or rental vehicles.

So many cards, so many choices…

How do you know which credit card is right for you? Do you want a lower interest rate? A rewards program? Do you refuse to pay an annual fee? Are you afraid you won’t be accepted for a card because you’re just getting started financially and don’t have much of a credit history? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We can help you make an informed decision.

Weigh the good and bad of credit. Compare cards. Check rates. Learn how we protect you against fraud.