Sidebar panels

Hero Quicklinks

The following classes are available on hero quicklinks for icons

calendar (schedule an appointment)
car (buy a car)
check-reorder (reorder checks)
credit-card (get a credit card -- also has a $ on icon)
credit-card-down (report lost/stolen card)
credit-card-plus (request debit or ATM card)
dollar-pen (get a loan)
dollar-stop (stop electronic debit)
folder-plus (open/add-modify account)
gavel (dispute card transaction)
graduate (pay for college)
home (buy a home)
home-tool (improve my home)
trophy (CURewards)
umbrella (get an insurance quote)
users (get a life insurance quote -- has people on icon)
credit-card-dollar (reloadable -- also has a down arrow on icon)

Additionally the following class can be added alongside any of the above classes to indicate to only show the individual quicklink for logged in members.


Combined with an icon…

credit-card member-only

For articles and blog posts with non-NCUA insured content, add the following class to the Settings section of the article.


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Panel type = Article
Advanced Settings Template= brief