Automated Phone Access

No matter where you are, you can get your Vantage Credit Union deposit and loan account information, and make transactions within the same account, from any phone through our automated phone access.

  • Follow easy, step-by-step voice instructions that guide you through 
all transactions
  • Perform as many transaction as you want *
  • Choose your own PIN for secure access

Follow these five steps to begin:

  1. Call 314.298.0055 or 800.522.6009
  2. After you’re prompted to select from the menu of options, press 1 for account information, then 1 for automated phone access
  3. Enter your account number
  4. Enter your PIN
  5. Make a selection from the Main Menu Choices

Points to remember:

  • Transactions are made only within the same account number
  • If you need to access another account number, press 8 and log in to the other account

At any time during the call you may:

  • Press * to repeat choices
  • Press 9 to return to the previous menu
  • Press 8 to end your session and log in to another account

Automated phone access menu overview

Here’s a quick and easy reference for conducting transactions and inquiries with our automated phone access. Just press the number listed in front of each section to perform that transaction or inquiry.

Main Menu Choices

1 Checking
2 Saving
3 Loans
4 CDs
5 Other Services

Once you choose a Main Menu option, you’re able to:

  • Check current balances on accounts and loans
  • Review recent transactions on savings and checking accounts (all suffixes)
  • Get payment information
  • Find details on Certificates of Deposit
  • Change your PIN

Again, please pay special attention to all prompts as they have changed.

Log onto your account to enable 24/7 automated phone access!

For complete account access and details, create a login for our eBranch above. This will allow for:

  • Viewing of cleared check images
  • Depositing checks remotely
  • Cross-account transfers
  • Scheduling recurring payments or transfers
  • Use of bill pay
  • Easy saving with Swipe2Save
  • Paperless statements
  • And much more!

* Subject to Regulation D limitations.