CO-OP Network ATMs

You know you can access your account quickly and easily at any Vantage Credit Union ATM. But, did you know you can also use any CO-OP Network ATM for free? Make a deposit, check your balance, or withdraw cash any hour of the day, just like you would at a Vantage ATM, at no cost!

With nearly 300 CO-OP Network ATMs in the St. Louis area (and close to 30,000 in North America), you’re sure to find one near you. Here are two easy ways to locate them:

  1. Online —Search by address, city/state or ZIP
  2. Text —Send a text message to 91989 with your ZIP code as your message.
    You’ll receive a response with nearby CO-OP Network ATM locations.

You can also get cash from ATMs worldwide bearing these logos, but for a fee: Accel, Maestro, American Express, PLUS, Cirrus, Discover, Visa or Mastercard.

Find a CO-OP ATM Near You!