Microsoft Wallet—Tap, Pay and Be On Your Way

Pay for your purchases with your Vantage credit or debit card(s) with just a tap of your Windows phone. With Microsoft Wallet and a tap of your screen, you can make payments at participating restaurants and retail locations, access loyalty and membership cards and view saved event tickets. It’s more secure than using your actual cards and easy to use with a compatible Windows phone.
Using your Microsoft Wallet app means extra security, every time. When you tap to pay, Microsoft Wallet sends a single-use transaction number and an encrypted security code that won’t work for any other purchase, person, or device. This, plus the device PIN you use to unlock your phone makes paying with Microsoft Wallet more secure than using your actual card alone.
Add your Vantage card(s) in a few simple steps. Your device’s camera will scan your card information for you to confirm, and then verify it’s you setting up the card. In no time you’ll be ready to tap and pay!

Add your Vantage credit and debit card(s) to Microsoft Wallet today!

H3. Don’t have a Vantage credit card?
Apply for My Vantage Mastercard

H3. Don’t have a Vantage checking account with a debit card?
Open My Checking Account

If you already have a checking account but don’t have a debit card, you can submit a request once you’re logged into the eBranch

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For additional information about Microsoft Wallet, view our Microsoft Wallet FAQs. Refer to the Terms and Conditions for detailed information.