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This Vantage Credit Union online community (this “Community”) is designed to be a positive online community where guests and commenters are not subjected to personal attacks, hate speech, sexually explicit content, defamatory speech or threats. Every effort will be made to remove offensive content in a timely manner.

  1. This Community is moderated and all comments are reviewed.
  2. To ensure that all comments are productive, respectful and lawful all comments are reviewed to ensure compliance with the following terms:
    • Comment form guidelines: Each comment form must be filled in with a proper and legitimate name and URL. Comments using keywords, spam or splog-like URLs, or suspicious information in the comment form will be edited or deleted.
    • Spam: Comments focused on selling a product or service, or comments posted for a purpose of driving traffic to a particular website for personal, political, or monetary gain, will be excluded.
    • Language and manners: This online community is “family friendly” and comments that include offensive or inappropriate language, or considered by the online community owner and administrator to be rude and offensive, will be edited or deleted. Play nice.
    • No personal attack comments permitted: In the interest of fair play, no personal attacks are permitted in any comments. The commenter may question or argue the content, but not personally attack the commenter(s). Failure to respect fellow participants in this Community could result in removal and blocked access.
    • A comment is conversation: A comment that does not add to the conversation, runs off on an inappropriate tangent, or kills the conversation may be edited, moved or deleted.
    • Limit links: This Community is set up to automatically hold any comment with more than two links, which may delay your comment from appearing. Any comment with more than four links may be excluded as spam.
    • Illegal: Laws that govern use of copyrights, trade secrets, etc., will be followed and any comments that violate any state or federal law may be removed.
    • Threatened or actual litigation: We will exclude posting comments concerning threatened or actual litigation, or disputes, between you and any other person or entity. If you have concerns about an issue and would like to provide feedback, or would like follow-up from us, please write to us.
    • Private or confidential information: Please don’t provide any of your specific account details or other personal information. If you have immediate service needs, please contact Vantage directly by chat, eBranch secure message, or by calling 314.298.0055 or 800.522.6009.
  3. Anyone who violates these terms may be blocked from future access.
  4. Please note that we can’t accept comments from individuals under the age of 13.
  5. Vantage reserves the right to change these guidelines at any time at its sole discretion. The most current guidelines will be available to you online.
  6. Vantage doesn’t endorse any comments made by its employees, unless they’re an authorized representative of the credit union. Vantage doesn’t validate assertions or forward-looking statements in the comments. All statements and viewpoints expressed in the comments are strictly those of the commenter alone, and don’t constitute an official position of Vantage unless they’re posted by the original author (who’s an authorized representative of the credit union) or by a subject matter expert responding on behalf of that authorized representative.
  7. Vantage employees MUST disclose their employment status when submitting a comment or question! Whether you’re at home or in the office, working for the credit union is a material fact that may influence content and that Community members have a right to know about. If we feel the nature of an employee’s comment is confidential, shares information not generally available, or recommends an action, which could adversely affect our members or employees, we reserve the right not to post the comment.
  8. If you believe in good faith that materials posted to this Community infringe your copyright, you (or your agent) may send a notice requesting removal of the material or to block access to it. If you believe in good faith that someone has wrongfully filed a notice of copyright infringement, you may be allowed to submit a counter notice.
  9. If a comment doesn’t appear in a reasonable time period, and does not violate these terms, contact us.
  10. The administrator, contributor, editor and/or author of this Community reserve the right to edit, delete, move or mark as spam any and all comments. The administrator, contributor, editor and/or author also has the right to block access to any one or group from commenting.
  11. All comments within this Community are the responsibility of the commenter, not the Community owner, administrator, contributor, editor or author. By submitting a comment to this Community, the commenter agrees that the comment content is their own, and to hold this Community and any affiliates harmless from any and all repercussions, damages or liability.


Vantage Credit Union is committed to protecting your information. The following provides information regarding our privacy policy in connection with participation in the Community.

1. What information do we collect from you?

When you’re just browsing the blog, we don’t collect, capture, or retain any information about you. If you choose to post a comment to the blog, we will retain a partial name or alias that you provide. You‘ll also be required to provide an email address. Your email address isn’t displayed on the blog but it may be used by the Community administrator to privately contact you.

When you post comments to the blog, you can instruct us to remember you so that you don’t need to re-enter your information in order to post additional comments to the blog. This function is based on cookies, and is only used for this purpose.

2. About cookies

Cookies are pieces of data assigned by a web server to the browser on your computer. Cookies help sites to keep track of your preferences and to recognize return visitors.

Vantage and use cookies to make your online experience more personalized. You can set your browser to reject cookies. However, if you choose to reject cookies, you may not be able to take advantage of all functionality available on the blog.

3. Commenter privacy and protection

All email, address, phone number, and any private and personal information posted in any comment will be edited out of the comment as soon as possible to protect the privacy of the commenter. To prevent such editing, never share private information within a comment.

4. About marketing

If you provide your email address for this blog, we won’t sign you up for or send you any marketing email messages, nor will we share your email address with companies outside of Vantage.

5. Protecting children’s privacy online

In compliance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), Vantage will not knowingly collect or use personal information from children under the age of 13. Please note we’re not responsible for the data collection and use practices of third parties to which our blog may link.

6. Links to non-Vantage sites

We’re not responsible for the information-collection practices of the non-Vantage website links that may be present on the blog. We recommend you review the privacy policies of each of the linked Web sites you visit before you provide them with any personally identifiable information.


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