Browser & Device Recommendations

In order to use the eBranch or any other online services, you must have Internet access through an Internet service provider, and Internet browser software that supports 128-bit encryption (see browser recommendations below).

Documents you receive may also be in PDF format. Therefore, you will also need Adobe Acrobat Reader, which you can download if you don’t already have it (see link below).

Compatible Browsers Download
General Notes
  • For the best user experience, we suggest using the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Opera. These prompt you to update regularly, keeping functionality and security in check.
  • If you use an ad blocker, we also suggest adding our site to your whitelists for full site accessibility.
  • Make sure JavaScript is enabled.
  • Cookies are used throughout the site. Please update your browser settings to ensure settings are set at medium or lower.
  • Smartphones and tablets (iOS, Android, Windows) will allow the site to resize accordingly for easy browsing as long as they also meet browser requirements.
Internet Explorer 11 and Higher (Bill Pay does not support Internet Explorer.)
FireFox 48.0 and Higher
Opera 33.0 and Higher
Apple Safari 7.0 and Higher
Google Chrome 54.0 and Higher
Additional System Requirements for Conducting Business Electronically
Windows Vista SP2 and Higher
Mac OS X 10.6 and Higher
Adobe Reader
eBranch Access

It’s very important to keep your computer browser updated. Why?

Out-of-date web browsers can pose serious security risks both for the users who run them and for all users of the Internet in general.

If you run a web browser that’s out-of-date and contains security vulnerabilities, you risk having your computer compromised. Depending on the security exploit, your personal information (including emails, banking details, online sales, photos and other sensitive information) could be stolen or destroyed. This isn’t a hypothetical occurrence; it happens regularly and in large volumes.

If your computer’s security is compromised, you also run the risk of being used as a “middle man” in online crime; or as an unwitting pawn in large-scale attacks against other Internet users or companies. So even if your personal data isn’t stolen, if compromised, your computer can be turned into a “zombie,” sending out thousands of spam emails per day, or be forced to participate in “denial of service” attacks against other websites, all without you even being aware.

Make sure that you keep your web browser patched and up-to-date by following your vendor’s instructions. If your operating system no longer supports modern browsers, it’s time to update that, too! Anti Virus software should be used as well, as an added security measure.

Having trouble? Visit our troubleshooting tips for additional help.

Device Recommendations

In order to use any of our mobile banking services, you must have a device that is supported by the credit union, and a wireless plan from a compatible mobile wireless provider. You must also use the operating system(s) and software that satisfies all technical specifications and other requirements that we and/or our service provider(s) establish and specify.

Our mobile app supports these devices as follows:

  • Apple devices with iOS Version 13.0 or higher
  • Android devices with Android OS Version 10.0 or higher

Our remote deposit feature, through the eBranch specifically, supports the following:

  • Scanners must be TWAIN compliant