Vantage Point

A Lesson in Virtual Money for Kids

Has your relationship with money changed? In today’s paperless world, virtual currency is becoming more convenient (and secure) than paper. This shift also affects the way we teach our youth about managing money.

Our Priority: Your (Financial Information) Security

At Vantage Credit Union, we’re entrusted with our members’ financial information. We take that responsibility seriously. We have a number of programs in place that offer a high level of protection.

Who’s Your Beneficiary?

You’ve spent a lifetime saving for the future. Have you taken the appropriate steps to ensure that your assets are passed on to your chosen beneficiaries?

Raise Your Home’s I.Q.

Whether your home is just a few years or a few decades old, there’s likely room for improvement. What’s the newest trend in home remodeling: Smart home technology!

Recent Trends Increase Driving Costs

Does it seem like driving has become more expensive in recent years? It likely has. With more cars on the road, the severity of traffic-related accidents has grown worse and impacted the cost of bodily injury insurance claims. As a result, your insurance premium may have increased as well.

Debt: The American Way of Life?

Total household debt is on the rise. That debt increase spanned mortgages, vehicle loans, credit cards and student loans. What can you do to get a handle on your current debt?