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Shopping Insurance Rates

Expect the unexpected. If you live by this code, you’re well aware of the important role insurance plays in our lives. Auto. Home. Accident. We don’t necessarily like that we need insurance, but we’re sure glad we have it when that something unexpected happens, like an accident in a vehicle or around the home.

While we may reluctantly agree that we need insurance, many of us are unaware that it pays to shop around for the best rates. As proof, the people at conducted a national survey in 2013 that opened some eyes regarding homeowners’ insurance rates. This survey based its findings on $250,000 full replacement coverage for a single-family home and $300,000 in liability coverage. It involved eleven areas throughout the country, from Washington DC to Los Angeles, California.

In some areas, the very same policy could cost a homeowner nearly three times more (188%), depending on the insurance company.

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