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Heartbleed Bug Is a Real Internet Pest

Have you heard of the Heartbleed Bug? As Internet pests go, it’s a doozy. It could be one of the biggest Internet security threats of all time and has affected sites from Yahoo to NASA. The Heartbleed name originates from a feature computers use to keep track of who is online, called a “heartbeat extension.”

The Heartbleed Bug is basically an information leak, a hole in software that many websites use to protect the personal information of users. But don’t worry about your personal information here at Vantage, our websites and mobile applications do not use the software (OpenSSL) vulnerable to this bug.

The bug appeared two years ago and has given outsiders the opportunity to peek into “protected” areas. It exposes usernames and passwords to outsiders, which means it could be possible to pose as you online and dupe systems into revealing personal details.

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