About Us

Vantage Credit Union was founded by members of the St. Louis Suburban Teacher’s Association (SLSTA) in 1957 as the Suburban Teachers Credit Union. It was first housed in the SLSTA office in Clayton before renting space in a new building in Creve Coeur and then moving into our first official branch location, the old Creve Coeur branch building, in 1967.

The credit union grew rapidly and changed its name to Educational Employees Credit Union (EECU) in 1974. This change reflected membership expansion outside the immediate teaching profession as well as serving locations outside the metropolitan region.

With federal regulations opening opportunities for the credit union, we began a period of expansion, beginning with our North County branch in 1980 (first housed in a strip mall on West Florissant). Others soon followed.

It was the Go-Go 80s for Vantage (EECU) as we grew into a full-service financial institution with the establishment of our first mortgage department, debit and credit card departments, and the development of our Investment Services Department and Credit Union Service Organization.

The years have seen us merge with a number of smaller credit unions, including Universal Credit Union (1986), Alvey Credit Union (1987), Administration Center Credit Union (1999), St. Clair County Teachers Credit Union (2003), Community Educational Federal Credit Union (2007), Glassworkers Community Credit Union (2007) and Spirit of St. Louis Credit Union (2009).

In 2002, we changed our name from EECU to Vantage Credit Union to reflect our more diverse membership.

While our roots still run deep within the educational community, we now serve nearly 90,000 members with more diverse backgrounds and occupations with a full menu of financial services.