Save.Think.Live. Checking

Transitioning from dependent to independent can be tricky at times. While you’re moving up and out, you’ll want to keep close tabs on your finances. With our Save.Think.Live. account, made just for members under 25, you can do just that!

You are at an important stage in your life. In order to thrive in adulthood it’s vital that you learn to Save more of your hard-earned cash, really Think about your finances, and find ways to Live savvy day-to-day.

Our Save.Think.Live. account goes beyond ordinary checking with electronic features, rebates, savings opportunities and helpful financial tools … all FREE!


Specify the amount you’d like to save per transaction, and it will automatically be transferred to your Regular Savings from your checking every time a debit transaction clears your account. Swipe2Save is an easy way for you to start building your savings!

Oops NSF Fee Rebate

Sometimes you have slip-ups. It happens. Save.Think.Live. account holders may receive one Oops NSF Fee Rebate by request every 6 months to be reimbursed the fee charged. *

One-of-a-kind online account management you won’t find anywhere!

That sounds like a tall order, but we’re not kidding! Our eBranch is our own home-grown tool that allows you to make your banking experience completely unique to you and how you prefer to manage your finances. In addition to all the banking and bill pay capabilities (and many other things) you’d expect, you can also:

  • Set up your account dashboard with the widgets you prefer to use, in whatever order you prefer to use them
  • Manually add transactions you know you need to budget for but aren’t reflected yet on your account balance (so you don’t forget about them!)
  • Set up spending thresholds monthly on the types of spending you want to keep in check
  • Get even more detailed on your budget tracking by adding tags to your already-automatically-categorized debit transactions
  • Download our free MyMobile app with remote check deposit (need we say more?)

More Save.Think.Live. Account Goodness:

If you’re under 25, what are you waiting for?

Open My Save.Think.Live. Account!

Our routing number is: 281081479

* Each Oops NSF Fee Rebate must be requested by you, and one will be honored per 6-month period January–June and July–December.

** May be subject to Minimum Aggregate Balance Fee