Profile & Security

This section is the main hub where you manage your profile, account and security settings. For your convenience, we’ve included links to where these features are within your own dashboard. Just be sure to log in first before trying to access them.

Here are Profile & Security features in the order they appear:

Security Settings

Pretty self-explanatory. This is where you’re able to view and change your password, your login authentication questions and answers, and your daily Correspondence Authentication Codes. You can also enable your automated phone access and set your PIN to access your account by phone. (Log in to view your own security settings.)

Change Address

The address displayed is the address we have on file for your account, and it’s updated per US Postal Service specification to ensure you receive important information from your credit union. Here, you can choose to update your address at your convenience and designate which account(s) to apply the changed address to. (Log in to change your address.)

Notification Settings

This is where you set up to receive recurring account information such as balances and withdrawals, and manage the email address(es) and/or phone number where you prefer to receive these and other system-generated standard notifications/texts. Examples of standard notifications include confirmation messages that trigger when you’ve changed something on your account, or when eStatements are ready for you to review online.

As another added convenience you can also set up alerts via email or text for your Vantage Mastercard ® credit card(s). Set alerts to be notified when your card is used for a purchase greater than a certain amount, an international purchase or an online purchase.

You can set a default email and/or phone number, and also set different notifications to go to your different communication channels. It’s all based on what you prefer.


Swipe2Save is a great savings tool that allows you to designate an amount you’d like to transfer to your Regular Savings every time you use your debit card. When you enable this feature and set your transfer amount, you also designate a low-balance threshold at which to stop Swipe2Save transfers. (Log in to enable Swipe2Save on your account.)

Manage Accounts

Here’s where you can view and add the accounts you’re primary or joint owner on that you’d like to manage online. You can also designate your default account, which will become the first account that will load on your dashboard when you login and access account information. (Log in to add your accounts.)

Manage Devices/Browsers

This section lists the electronic devices and/or browsers you’ve used to access your account(s). (Log in to view your own list.)

You’ll see when the device/browser was registered and your last account login using the device/browser. You can also choose to add a nickname for each device/browser for easier recognition, and remove a device/browser if you no longer use it. Please note that you’ll be asked to re-validate your account access any time you use a new device/browser you haven’t used before, or if you didn’t choose to “save” the device/browser the first time you used it.