Auto Loans

Is your car on its last leg? Do you say a little prayer every morning as you start it? Does your truck rattle more than it hums? Or maybe you’re just craving something new. Better gas mileage. More horsepower, more options, more comfort…more room!

Whatever your reasons for wanting a new vehicle, we can help with every aspect of the car-buying experience.

At Vantage Credit Union, you’ll find auto loans that have:

  1. Competitive rates
  2. Low monthly payments
  3. No penalty for early payoff
  4. Simple interest, calculated only on the outstanding principal
  5. Available pre-approval

If you’re ready to car shop, take a look at our Indirect Dealer Network, where you can shop online and then finance your vehicle with Vantage Credit Union right at the dealership for optimal convenience. Shop now!

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