Mastercard Reloadable Card

What is the Mastercard Reloadable Card?

A Vantage Mastercard Reloadable Card is a prepaid Debit Mastercard that you can reload or add additional money to. It’s a safe and convenient way to make everyday purchases and is accepted anywhere Debit Mastercard is accepted.

How do I get a Reloadable Card?

You can order personalized Reloadable Cards via the eBranch.

• Log in to the eBranch above
• Choose Access My Reloadable Card from the “I Want To” Quicklinks
• Click the “Order Yours Today!” button
• Complete the order form

Non-personalized Reloadable Cards may be purchased at any Vantage branch location.

Is there a fee for getting a Reloadable Card?

Yes. There is a purchase fee of $5.95 per card as well as a monthly maintenance fee of $4.99.

Who can purchase or use the card?

Mastercard Reloadable Cards can be purchased by any Vantage Credit Union member in good standing that is a resident of the US. The primary cardholder can order up to 2 personalized secondary cards. Personalized secondary cards must be separately registered and activated. The primary cardholder is responsible for all authorized transactions made with the secondary card(s).

How do I activate my Reloadable Card and obtain my PIN?

Reloadable cards can be activated online by accessing the link to MyAccount within the eBranch. A PIN will be displayed after activation. You may also activate your card by calling 855.657.8588. Once your card is activated, please follow the prompts to hear your PIN.

How can I check the balance on my Reloadable Card?

You can review your card balance and full details of all transactions free of charge by accessing the link to MyAccount within the eBranch. For a minimal fee, you can also call 855.657.8588 to hear your card balance and the last 5 transactions. For your protection, when calling for account information you will need to provide your 16-digit card number found on the front of your card as well as some of the information requested when you ordered the card.

What if the item I want to purchase exceeds the value of my Reloadable Card?

If the purchase amount exceeds the available card balance, then you must inform the merchant of the amount you want to pay with the Mastercard Reloadable Card and that you will pay the difference by other means. If the purchase amount exceeds the available balance of the Mastercard Reloadable Card and you do not notify the merchant, the transaction will not be approved.

What do I do if I need to return an item?

In the event you need to return an item you purchased with your Mastercard Reloadable Card, the merchant will handle the item in accordance with Mastercard guidelines. The merchant may credit the funds back to your card increasing the available amount on the card. Please monitor your transaction activity via the link to MyAccount within the eBranch or call 855.657.8588. Once the refund is processed by the merchant, you will see it post in the transaction history and the balance will reflect the amount of the return.

What should I do if my Mastercard Reloadable Card is lost or stolen?

Contact us immediately at 855.657.8588 if you believe the card has been lost or stolen. For further information refer to the Vantage Credit Union Mastercard Reloadable Card Terms and Conditions.

How do I reload my Card?

Your card can be reloaded at any Vantage branch location. You can also add funds to your card by accessing the link to MyAccount within the eBranch or by calling toll free 855.657.8588 and initiating a funds transfer from your Vantage savings or checking account or Vantage debit or credit card. Funds may not be available for immediate use after you have initiated the transfer. If your employer offers the option, you may elect to have your payroll loaded to your Card via direct deposit.

Can the card have a negative balance?

There are transactions that a merchant can process that could result in a negative balance. If an overdraft occurs, you will be required to either reload funds onto the card or the funds may be debited from your Vantage account.

What are the transaction limits on the card?

Transactions are limited to $2,500 or 15 per day.

What are the reload limits?

Minimum Load: $50.00
Maximum Load: $2,500.00
Maximum Number of Loads (personalized): 8 per month
Maximum Number of Loads (non-personalized): 4 per the life of the card including the initial load
Note: Once the maximum number of loads on a non-personalized card has been reached, a personalized card will automatically be mailed to you.

Can I purchase a Mastercard Reloadable Card as a gift?

No. Mastercard Reloadable cards cannot be given as a gift. The Mastercard Reloadable Card is only for personal use. For gifting purposes we offer Mastercard Gift Cards.

Can I purchase a Mastercard Reloadable Card if I have bad credit?

Yes. There are no credit checks required to purchase a Vantage Mastercard Reloadable Card.

Does buying or using this card build my credit rating?

No. This is not a credit card and will not build credit history.

See Terms and Conditions for further information.