Be Aware of Scammers

ATTENTION: Please be aware of a potential threat from scammers claiming to be from the Vantage Fraud Department. The scammers may impersonate Vantage via phone call, text message or pop-ups on your device. DO NOT give out any account information, provide remote access to your device or click on links in these messages. If you have questions regarding the validity of a message you’ve received, please contact us directly at 314.298.0055.

Summer plans need an upgrade? Vantage is here to help!

Summertime and Vantage Credit Union. It’s a perfect match. Read more

Leasing your current vehicle? Are you going to love it or let it go?

Leasing vs. buying. There’s a lot to consider both before you enter a lease and when it’s about to expire. At the end of your lease, will you love it or let it go? What’s the best option? Read more

Investing in enjoyment? It’s a great idea—if you carry the proper coverage!

Prioritize a life well-lived and pursue your dreams. Buy that boat. Drive that RV across the country. Just make sure to protect your dreams by carrying the appropriate insurance coverage! Read more

Open the Door to Possibilities—and a Chance to Win—with Your Home's Equity!

Are you ready to open the door to your financial future? What if there could be $5,000 waiting for you on the other side? Your home—and the equity you’ve built in it—could help you explore the possibilities. Read more

February Food Drive Provides Thousands of Meals for St. Louis Area

With the help of member donations and staff volunteering their time in the month of February, Vantage collected more than 3,500 food items and toiletries for local food pantries and packed more than 23,000 meals for St. Louis Area Foodbank. Read more

From the President & CEO: 2022—Momentum Fueling Progress

What makes our credit union different? What drives us forward? What gives us purpose? You. Helping you on your financial journey. In 2022, our forward momentum led to numerous achievements, and we’re well-positioned to embrace the future. Read more