Be Aware of Scammers

ATTENTION: Please be aware of a potential threat from scammers claiming to be from the Vantage Fraud Department. The scammers may impersonate Vantage via phone call, text message or pop-ups on your device. DO NOT give out any account information, provide remote access to your device or click on links in these messages. If you have questions regarding the validity of a message you’ve received, please contact us directly at 314.298.0055.

Join Vantage in enhancing the holidays for those in need

The holidays are a magical time of year. When we come together with fellow members, we can spread that magic to those in need in our community. Join us in our favorite holiday tradition—community giving. Read more

Scams and fraud attempts aren’t slowing down—beware of recent tactics

Scams and fraud attempts—they’re prevalent, and you still have to be aware. While you’ve likely become accustomed to this ever-present threat, you may not be familiar with recent tactics. What’s your best defense? Education is your best protection. Read more

Home and auto insurance rates are rising—why? What can the average consumer do?

Insurance premiums. While this topic may not be top of mind, you’ll get a reminder when your premium comes due. Home and auto insurance rates are on the rise. Why is this happening—and perhaps more importantly, what can the average consumer do? Read more

Is the foundation for your emergency savings rooted at home?

In a struggling economy, are your emergency savings feeling the squeeze? Many Americans are left worried their savings won’t cover emergency expenses. Your home’s equity could provide the financial safety net you need. Read more

Vantage makes an impact with school supply drive for KidSmart

Vantage members and staff generously donated school supplies in support of KidSmart, a local non-profit focused on empowering kids in need to succeed in school. Read more

One lucky Vantage member opened the door to $5,000 at sweepstakes event

Vantage members turn to the credit union for products and services—and sometimes fun promotions—to help them along their journey. One lucky member opened the door to $5,000 at a sweepstakes event held at the culmination of a home equity promotion. Read more