Google Pay—The Fast, Simple Way to Pay

Google Pay™ is the fast, simple way to pay with Google, and you can use your Vantage credit and debit card(s). Use Google Pay with any Android device that works with NFC (near-field communication) to pay at participating merchants without swiping your card, and within apps without having to enter payment and contact information. Visit to learn more. Additionally, at select merchants, your loyalty points and offers are automatically applied at checkout.

Google Pay doesn’t use your actual debit or credit card(s) number during transactions; instead a unique virtual account number is assigned to represent your account information. When you make a purchase, the virtual account number is sent to the merchant–so your card details stay safe.

After you’ve added your Vantage card(s) to Google Pay, it’s easy to make it your default payment option. If your Vantage card is the first card added, it automatically becomes the default, so you don’t need to do anything. If another card is your current default, simply go to the Google Pay app, select your Google account, double tap a card then touch Set as default card; or touch and drag a card to the “Default card” spot at the top of the app’s Home screen.

Add your Vantage credit and debit card(s) to Google Pay today!

Don’t have a Vantage credit card?
Apply for My Vantage Mastercard

Don’t have a Vantage checking account with a debit card?
Open My Checking Account

If you already have a checking account but don’t have a debit card, you can submit a request once you’re logged into the eBranch

Learn more about Google Pay

For additional information about Google Pay and how to add your cards, view our Google Pay FAQs. Refer to the Terms and Conditions for detailed information.

* Google Pay is a trademark of Google LLC. Android, Google Pay, and the Google Logo are trademarks of Google LLC.