Deferred Compensation Plan

Grow your retirement savings and reduce your taxable income by setting aside a regular portion of your paycheck for retirement with Vantage Credit Union’s Deferred Compensation Plan (DCP).

Who’s eligible?

  • Employees of participating school districts
  • Employees of participating county agencies

What separates our DCP plan from annuity options?

  1. It’s safe and convenient.
    • Your account is federally insured up to $250,000 by the National Credit Union Administration
    • The current rate is paid on ALL funds in the account, not just the dollar amount deposited during that rate period
    • Your friendly, local Vantage representatives are available to answer your questions (unlike annuities where you usually have to call someone out-of-state for help)
  2. No market exposure or investment risk.
    • Your account is protected from the fluctuations of the market because you elect a guaranteed rate
    • Contact us for the current rate on fixed- and variable-rate options
  3. Flexible withdrawal schedules.
    • You can make cost-of-living adjustments to your deposits *
    • You can change withdrawal options to meet your retirement needs, without “annuity factors”
    • Special “catch-up” provision allows you to make additional deposits during each of your last three years before retirement

Access Your Vantage 457 Deferred Compensation Plan

If your employer offers Vantage Credit Union’s Deferred Compensation Plan as an employee benefit, get started on setting up your DCP plan today!

Schedule a Complimentary Analysis


314.264.5350/direct call
800.522.6009/request to speak to a Vantage Investment Services Group representative

* Pursuant to IRS Code Section 457 (e)(15).

For rates, applicable fees, terms and conditions, please contact a Vantage Investment Services Group (ISG) representative for a full disclosure.