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A Rewarding Advantage…from Your Credit Card?

According to a Gallup survey, three out of four U.S. adults (76%) report having at least one credit card. On average, Americans have at least three credit cards.

That is a lot of purchasing power! Wouldn’t you like something in return for your spending? With a rewards credit card, cardholders earn points that can be used to their benefit.

What’s the right reward for you?
Just Google “rewards credit cards” and the list of results seems endless. How do you choose the best card for you? Sure, you could choose a card that only accrues airline miles or rewards at particular stores, but are you really taking advantage of all the rewards that you can?

The best rewards credit cards offer an array of benefits—including travel, merchandise and even cash back—that can be earned for using your card on everything from big purchases to your everyday expenses such as gas or groceries.

For every $1 spent on purchases, Vantage Credit Union’s World Mastercard provides 1.50 reward points and Platinum Rewards Mastercard provides 1.0 reward points. Points are redeemable for everything from airfare, electronics, jewelry to CASH!

Maximizing rewards
Sure, earning rewards sounds great, but how do I stay on track with my spending? Consider using your credit card as a complement to your budget. Review your past spending. Make a budget. Stay on track. Log in to your account throughout the month to see your spending in black and white. And remember, you don’t have to wait until the card payment is due to pay off the balance. Consider totaling up your purchases on a daily or weekly basis and transferring the money from your checking account to pay off the balance. You’ll be using your credit card in a similar way to your debit card, except you’ll be earning rewards too!

This strategy not only helps you track expenses, but also allows you to earn rewards for all of your purchases AND lets you take advantage of the added protections that come with using your credit card. Vantage Mastercard credit cards offer price protection, extended warranty, identity theft resolutions services, access to the Mastercard Fuel Rewards Network and much, much more!

Understand your benefits
Could you earn even more rewards? Some card carriers offer promotions throughout the year. For example, Vantage is currently offering opportunities to earn bonus rewards points for using your card for select purchases. By changing your habits and using your credit card for everyday purchases, your points could add up even faster. And Mastercard is surprising tens of thousands of cardholders with everything from Mastercard Prepaid cards to Priceless Experiences just for using your card. It’s so easy!

Check out our Offers & Goodies page for opportunities to earn bonus rewards and get surprised for using your Vantage World Mastercard or Platinum Rewards Mastercard!

And, be sure to know the details of your rewards program. For Vantage World Mastercard and Platinum Rewards Mastercard cardholders, enrollment in the CURewards program is automatic when you receive your card. Want an idea of how quickly points can add up? Just take your typical gas and grocery purchases for the month. Let’s say you spend $500 a month on groceries and $100 a month on gas. That’s 600 points right there if you have a Platinum Rewards card and 900 if you have a World card. If there are double or triple points offers, you earn even more points. Once you hit 5,000 points, you could redeem $50 in cash!

Want to get rewarded for your purchases? Apply for a Vantage Platinum Rewards or World Mastercard today!

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