Vantage Point

Enhanced Functionality for Vantage Credit Card Holders

Vantage Mastercard ® credit card holders—have you experienced the enhanced features available when accessing your account online?

We aim to deliver value to our members, each and every day. We regularly assess our products and services with an eye toward the future. We’re excited to introduce an upgrade to our credit card management system with you—the card holder—in mind. How does the upgraded system benefit you?

Single Sign On
There’s no need for a separate username and password to access the new system. Simply log in through Vantage online banking and click on “More Account Details” when viewing your credit card history.

Card Lock / Unlock
If your credit card is lost or stolen, quickly activate this feature to prevent the card from being used for any transactions. Whether it was left at a store mistakenly, fallen between the seats in your vehicle or you simply can’t remember where you left it, this feature provides an added layer of protection that you can engage. The card can easily be unlocked within the system as well.

Travel Notifications
Planning a trip? Submit your travel plans—departure date, return date and destination—to ensure your credit card does not get blocked for suspicious activity.

Statement Summary & Preference
In addition to current balance, available credit and credit limit, card holders can view available statements and enroll or unenroll in eStatements.

For Vantage Platinum Rewards and World card holders, seamlessly navigate to CURewards and view your points balance, redemption options or to redeem points.

Experience enhanced functionality while managing your credit card account today!

Access More Account Details from your credit card tab when signed into online banking.

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